Upgrading Your Home Siding is an Investment

There are many ways to invest in your home – landscaping, kitchen remodeling, upgrading bathrooms and installing hardwood floors. One investment that may get overlooked is upgrading your house siding. An investment in new siding can pay immediate dividends in helping protect your house and adding immediate visual appeal. It can also provide returns when the time comes to sell. Being able to tell potential buyers that you’ve recently upgraded to modern, low-maintenance siding can be a solid selling point.

Traditional wood siding, while giving a classic look, takes constant upkeep to stay looking clean and fresh. Upgrading to newer, easier to keep up house siding reduces the cost, both in time and money, of home ownership. Vinyl and cement fiber siding are both nearly maintenance free options, requiring little more than an annual cleaning to remain in good condition for many years.

To determine if the investment is worth it for you, look at recently sold homes in your area and compare those home values to your own. When you approach those homes, take note of how they look from the outside. Does the landscaping and siding invite to take a closer look at the home? If not, consider what could be different to create that feeling. Help potential buyers see the value and appeal of your home when you get ready to list it on the market. 

House siding upgrade costs vary by the material used and the size of your home. Be sure to consult with both a contractor to get a feel for the true cost of upgrading and a realtor to best understand what value that will add to your home in your local market. Vinyl siding is less expensive than cement fiber but may not last as long or provide the same look. If you expect to remain in your home a few years before selling, the extra cost of cement fiber may make sense when considering the return on your investment.