How to Find a Window Replacement Expert You Can Trust

Window replacement is a smart investment for your home. Installing energy-efficient windows increases the value of your home and should help to decrease your energy bills. However, it is also a huge undertaking that involves ripping the old windows out of the walls and then seamlessly integrating the new windows into the building’s overall aesthetic, so that the casual observer cannot notice that a replacement has been made. You need to hire experts who know what they’re doing and will get the job done in a timely manner. 

Go to the Source

Cut out the middleman of a salesperson. When you call, ask to speak to a technician who performs replacements, or better yet, talk to the owner. The sales department may be trained to talk up the superior construction and performance of their windows, but they won’t be able to inform you about the replacement process itself. You need to know what to expect, and you can only get that from talking to someone with experience in the field. Don’t settle for anything less; if you aren’t allowed to talk to a technician, hang up and call the next window replacement company on your list.

Inquire About Followup

Ask whether or not the windows and the work are backed by a warranty, and clarify the warranty’s terms and duration. Ask specifically about what happens you have questions or problems with the windows after the work is done. A reputable window company will stand behind the work they do and be available to answer questions and resolve problems even after the job is completed.

Trust Your Instincts

If you feel pressure to buy from anyone in the company, whether it be a salesperson or a technician, that is a warning sign that the company is not trustworthy. It indicates that the company is more concerned with its profit margin than serving your needs.

You don’t need a disreputable window replacement company any more than you need a hole in your wall, but if you hire the wrong company, that’s exactly what you could get. Take your time and do your research to find a company you can trust.