Cost of Replacing Windows

Whether you had a baseball fly through or you just want your house to look a bit better, replacement windows can be a great investment. In order to make the best choices possible, you need to be aware of the cost of replacing your windows.

Individual Cost

Just one window can cost anywhere between $300 and $700. That means an extensive replacement in a typical home could cost at least several thousand dollars. The type of window you want can also have a high impact on cost. For instance, more energy efficient windows, such as ones made with argon gas, can cost quite a bite more, since they require special training to be installed.

Professional Help

The act of having replacement windows installed can cost up to $100. You might think it’d be wise to forego that expense and just install them yourself. However, window installation requires precision and the money saved is not worth the stress you would put on yourself.

Different Parts

Windows are more than just glass. There are various aspects to their design that all must be considered when budgeting for replacement. For instance, there are the screens, which can cost around $40 a piece and locks, which can cost around $4 a piece. Plus, the overall price is influenced significantly by united inches, which factors in the combined total of the window’s width and length. 

Replace Wisely

Replacement windows are a necessity in the event that your current windows are severely damaged. When it comes time to replace them, make sure to do the proper research to find qualified professionals to install your new windows and that they have all the necessary materials. Even if your windows don’t currently need replacement, you should consider putting aside some money now, in the event of window or any other possible home improvement emergency. You’ll be very glad that you did.