Protect Your Home with a Fire-resistant Roof

From lightning strikes to wildfires or a forgotten candle, a home fire isn’t as uncommon as people might hope. Although impossible to eliminate the risk, homeowners are able to minimize the destruction. One way to do so is with a residential roof that is fire-resistant and Energy Star Compliant.

Types of Fire-resistant Roofs

Depending on your home, there is a good chance that it has a wood roof. If a fire breaks out, it will quickly find the materials that burn best. Luckily, there are new materials and options and materials available that are resistant to fire. A popular option is a metal roof system. These durable, long-lasting roofs will not ignite. They are also designed to resist high winds. While there are many styles and brands available, many are impact- and corrosion-resistant as well as made with recycled materials. Another residential roof option is a green roof on a smaller section of a home. These inherently offer fire resistance due to the plants and the need for an irrigation system.

Protection and Energy Savings

While choosing the right roof for fire protection, you can also give your wallet a boost and help the environment. Along with being made with recycled materials, an Energy Star Compliant roof means that you will be saving energy. These roofs reflect UV and infrared rays, which are key factors in radiant heat on the surface of your home. The result is reducing cooling costs. An Energy Star roof also comes with a tax credit, further adding to your savings. If opting for a green roof, your home also has reduced radiant heat, as well as is a solution for stormwater drainage, helps purify the air and provides shade.

No matter what residential roof is right for you, a professional can help you work through the process to ensure your home is protected.