How To Maintain Your Residential Roof and Why You Should

A high-quality roof can last ages with proper maintenance. Whether you have a roof with shingles, clay tiles or flat coverings, keeping it in good condition is essential for protecting your home. Your roof is designed to keep moisture from the worst weather outside of your home year-round. What things are involved in maintaining your residential roof and when should you call a professional?

Things You Can Do To Take Care of Your Roof

There are some minor tasks you can handle yourself, if you have time and you’re up for it. These mainly revolve around trying to keep moisture away from the roof. Cleaning out the gutters is a big one. It’s a good idea to clean the gutters early in the spring to ensure melting snow and heavy rains can flow freely instead of building up on the roof.

In the case of flat roofs, make sure any drainpipes are free of obstructions such as branches or leaves. If you get heavy snowfall on top of the roof, perhaps from an abnormal blizzard, call a professional to clear it away. If you notice any missing shingles or cracked pieces of shingles on your lawn around the house, call a roofing pro immediately for residential roof repairs.

The Importance of Professional Preventative Roofing Maintenance

It’s not possible to give your roof all the care it needs by yourself. You need the help of roofing experts to handle regular maintenance. These pros perform an in-depth inspection, checking the overall condition of roofing materials, looking for weak points, detecting signs of tiny leaks and identifying warning signs of problems. Afterward, they take care of preventative maintenance, sealing or replacing damaged areas of the roof to help prevent future problems.

When should you schedule preventative maintenance for a residential roof? Every six months is a good idea. Many homeowners schedule one inspection in the late fall to make sure the roof is ready for winter snow and ice. Another check early in spring can help detect any damage from moisture in corners, chimneys and other fixtures.

The Benefits of Taking Care of Your Roof

Some people think that checking the roof twice a year is too much but think about it this way: Good preventative maintenance can keep you from having to pay for roof replacement. It saves you money and helps your roof last far longer. Even more importantly, a healthy roof prevents moisture from leaking into the home and causing mold or rot. That’s worth the investment!