What To Know About Replacing Shingle Roofs

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A shingled roof is inexpensive and fairly durable. It can last for several decades. However, the roof is not indestructible. If the shingles are damaged, you may need to hire roof replacement professionals.  

Causes of Roof Damage

Weather is a common cause of harm to roofs. A storm can blow the roof off your home entirely. Wind, in particular, may tear away loose vents. Snow and ice can be quite damaging, as well. Even a simple failure to clean your gutters may lead to holes in your roof.

Any roof defects could cause water to leak into your home. This moisture can quickly lead to mold growth that destroys your house. The mold could even be toxic to you and your loved ones.   

Even if the harm to your roof seems minor, you should have a professional inspect the damage as soon as possible. You can then decide if a roof replacement is necessary. Whether you decide to get a new roof or simply repair the one you have, you need to address the damage immediately before it causes further harm.  

Replacement Process

Standing on a ladder and adding new shingles to a roof can be risky. If you do not know what you are doing, you could destroy the roof or even injure yourself. That is why you should hire a contractor with years of experience replacing roofs.

Keep in mind that different types of roofs require different installation methods. Be sure to pick an installer who understands how to replace shingle roofs.

Depending on your policy, your insurance could help you pay for the contractor. However, even if you do not have insurance, the security of knowing that you have trusted professionals repairing your roof is worth the cost.

Storms and debris may necessitate a shingle roof replacement. Since installing a new roof is an important and dangerous job, it should only be handled by experienced contractors.

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