Fixing a Leaky Roof the Right Way

When your roof starts leaking, you can always throw a tarp over it and place a bucket underneath it, but that doesn’t really solve the problem. While it’s a great temporary fix until the professionals can get there, you should never resort to such a solution for any type of roof leaks. The following should guide you through properly fixing a leaky roof.

Locate the Leak

The first thing you should do is locate the leak. Not every leak is as it appears. You could have a damaged shingle that is letting water in at the ridge of your roof, but it is running down between roofing materials to the valley where it enters the home. You might think the repair needs to happen at the valley, when it really needs to happen at both the ridge and the valley. A professional has the knowledge required to locate the leak where it originates.

Control the Leak

If you’re in a pinch before the professionals can get to your home, you do have an option for controlling the leak. Once it has been located, hang a string inside the hole. The string soaks up the water, allowing it to run down and fall into the bucket beneath. This reduces the amount of damage your ceiling will take from the water because it will be directed where you want it to go.

Pay for a Quality Repair

There will be a lot of professionals who fix roof leaks, but it’s often your best option to pay for a quality roofer. With knowledge and experience, that roofer can ensure the job gets done correctly. A professional will have the right tools and materials it takes to make the repair, which often makes the job less expensive and less time consuming.

As you can see, roof leaks are obviously annoying, but they don’t have to ruin your day. Follow these steps for a stress-free leaky roof repair.

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